Some Differences Between Conventional Offices and Virtual Office

During this time many companies have used Virtual Office as a solution to officially carry out office activities and their legality was recognized. However, there are also a handful of people who do not know the advantages that the Virtual Office has and still use conventional offices. Here are some of the differences between conventional offices and Virtual Office:

1. Cost of Establishment

A decent price using a Virtual Office, especially for start-ups, mid-sized companies, and new companies and high costs by using conventional offices, because you have to buy or rent land or buildings.


2. Facilities

Completeness of facilities depends on the services provided by the Virtual Office service provider and the package you choose. For example, like in 88Office, you can get complete facilities for your office needs. Whereas, if you use a conventional office, the completeness of the facility depends on the company's needs and the costs that have been budgeted by the company.


3. Time

If you use Virtual Office, it is more efficient and flexible because you can work whenever and wherever you want without having to go to the office. Whereas if you use a conventional office, it is not efficient because you have to come to the office and get stuck in traffic.


4. Gather with colleagues and clients

When you want to gather with colleagues or meet with clients, you can use the Meeting Room service at 88Office. However, if you use a conventional office, you must use the office facilities themselves.


5. Service officer (Receptionist) and personal assistant

There is no need to hire a receptionist and a personal assistant because this service has been provided by a virtual office provider, 88Office. Whereas if you use a conventional office, you must employ at least one personal officer and front office officer to take care of the daily needs of the company's business activities.






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