Some Types of Business that Should Not Use Virtual Office

The emergence of Virtual Office has become a trend in various circles of workers who need legality on behalf of their company. Like 88office, it can make it easy for new start-ups to grow businesses and save costs in building leases. In addition to getting a business address that facilitates the company's correspondence process, 88office also continues to get various attractive and complete facilities with various services such as Serviced Office and Coworking Space.

Talking about the Virtual Office, it turns out that there are several types of businesses that are not recommended to use this service, including the following:


1. Tourism

Business in the tourism sector turned out to be unsuitable for using Virtual Office services. Why? Because to run a business in this field, entrepreneurs need the name of a Tourism Business Register or abbreviated as TDUP to be able to do business legally. In addition, in this field, quite a lot of services are provided such as accommodation, recreation, travel, eating, drinking, and so on. To obtain permission, usually the relevant party must conduct a direct survey. This of course cannot be done in a Virtual Office that only rents business addresses.


2. Construction

Not only tourism, businesses in the construction sector are not recommended to use the Virtual Office. This is because the construction business is generally closely related to heavy equipment that requires a place to lay. In addition, companies in the construction sector also need a Construction Services Business License (SIUJK) for the legality of their company.


3. Event Organizer

Today, many couples and offices need an event organizer. Its usefulness, of course to facilitate the course of an event. The owner of the event does not need to bother thinking about the concept of event decoration or food that will be served to guests because of the existence of this service. However, because the price offered by this service is quite expensive, customers certainly need the full address of the event organizer. Of course, this is not very suitable when using a Virtual Office.


Well, that's some type of business that is not recommended to use Virtual Office services. If you are a CEO or a pioneer of a particular business and want to use this Virtual Office service, you should start consulting us, 88office, whether the business field that you are developing can use the Virtual Office service at 88office. You can contact us here.






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