The Importance of Work Ethics in Coworking Space

88office provides coworking space services that can certainly help you increase company productivity. In addition, you can also find one of the easy-to-manage coworking spaces and have a comfortable place at 88office. Currently the trend of coworking space has been widely used by many companies in any field that is often used by individuals and communities. With the growing number of people who enjoy working in coworking space, there are several things that must be taken into account when using coworking space to maintain harmony and a comfortable and conducive workspace. The following are some ethical issues that need to be considered in working on coworking space, namely:


•          Politeness

In general, the community should indeed become social beings. Even if you work alone, coworking space is also a social space. Therefore using good and polite language is also very necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings and feelings of mutual discomfort among fellow colleagues.


• Friendly

In addition to using good and polite speech, being friendly is also very necessary in dealing with colleagues. This can have a positive impact on workers in their daily lives working on coworking space. In order to create a comfortable and pleasant work space. So that it can reduce the level of stress on the workers themselves.


• Respect for coworkers

When working, often many things are used simultaneously. Appreciating colleagues in using office facilities is also needed. In addition, when talking to colleagues you must also pay attention. For example, not interrupting coworkers while talking is one example of respecting coworkers too.


•          Maintain cleanliness

Maintaining the cleanliness of the workspace itself in particular must also be considered by workers working in coworking space. When working with many people and not being able to maintain the cleanliness of their own work space can also cause anxiety and can interfere with other workers.


• Maintain calm

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the workspace, keeping the work space quiet must be done by workers in coworking space. Work ethics requires you to realize that the volume at which you are talking to other members or when you make a telephone call must also be arranged so that you cannot interfere with your other colleagues.


With the existence of several explanations about work ethics in coworking space, hopefully it can add and strengthen your working relationship with colleagues so that a harmonious and comfortable work space can be created. It is hoped that 88office can also help grow your company by providing a friendly, comfortable and safe work space by promoting harmonious relationships between workers.







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