Benefits of Domicile Certificate for Virtual Office

Certificate of Domicile is very important for the legality of business ownership using the Virtual Office. Arrangement of this letter is very important, because it can provide several benefits for business owners who use the Virtual Office including:

• Legality of Legal Domicile

The benefit of using the Virtual Office is getting the domicile legality from the Virtual Office service provider. When you use this service, you also have a legal domicile address. So, if another company uses a company name as you have registered it cannot register the company. This is because, the name of the company has been legally registered and cannot be contested by the legality of the company.


• Company existence

Besides the legal domicile, the existence of the company is also a benefit of the domicile certificate for those of you who use the Virtual Office. With an official domicile, the company has the right to carry out its objectives and clear vision and mission from the address and domicile that has been registered.


• Correspondence Place

In addition to being able to run the company in accordance with the needs of each of these companies, Virtual Office that already has a Domicile Certificate can also officially carry out correspondence activities. Various official letters such as cooperation with other companies or letters for the needs of the company can be sent to the domicile address of the Virtual Office.


• Commercial Activities

With the domicile, you can also carry out commercial activities in a virtual office, 88office. For example, such as conducting meetings with clients to discuss cooperation or meeting with consumers to make transactions officially.


•          Processing permission letter

With the help of a Domicile Certificate, the company can also take care of other permits in accordance with the area of ??the company being worked on. For example, you can take care of a Trade Business License, take care of the NPWP management that must be established when establishing a company, the Business Establishment Deed, a Company Registration Certificate, and other letters.


Having a Domicile Certificate will help you overcome many things, especially business licensing issues. 88Office is ready to help you make it easier to make a Domicile Certificate for your company's needs to use Virtual Office services at 88office.






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