How to Start a Business With a Virtual Office

Virtual office is a new term in business practices in Indonesia. Previously , Virtual Offices was often used in other countries, but lately many virtual offices we have encountered in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Jakarta.

So many entrepreneurs use Virtual Office in Jakarta, but apart from entrepreneurs who use virtual office services, the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur in Indonesia is still wide open. According to the results of Worldbank: Doing Business 2015 research, Indonesia is ranked 155 out of 189 countries for starting a business category. Judging from the ratio of the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia, only 1.65% compared to the population. It is comparatively small compared to neighboring Malaysia and Singapore whose numbers have reached 5% and 7% respectively. Not to mention seen from other aspects such as economic growth, population, availability of natural resources, and political stability. These factors make the prospect of doing business in Indonesia very promising. The research underlines that if the administration process of business registration is facilitated, more people will start a business, create jobs and increase state revenues.

Meanwhile, Virtual Office is a solution for those who do not want to bother with domicile matters for the establishment of PT. By using a virtual office service, it means you have the virtual office address as the address of your company. Moreover, depending on the services offered, you can also use various facilities offered in the virtual office. For example, reception facilities for answering phones according to your company identity, meeting rooms, fotocopy, to permanent room rentals complete with all facilities (serviced office).

With a relatively low cost, all the needs to start a business can be fulfilled in a virtual office. Imagine if you were to start a business and there was no fixed income but had to be burdened with the cost of renting office space plus the cost of electricity, water, and cleaning service. With virtual office, you are no longer burdened with the cost components as described previously. That is, you can adjust your business needs with the budget you have.
And if you want to start a business using Virtual Office, there are several things that you must pay attention to, such as:


1. Learn how to pay
There is a virtual office that expects direct advance payments for 12 months. However, there are also more flexible payment schemes.

2. Learn the packages offered
For the most economical package you usually only get a domicile address and correspondence service. Even so, there are also those who use the meeting room for a certain time, or also telephone answer directly to the number you want.

3. Choose the strategic location
One of the advantages of using Virtual Office is its easy-to-reach location. If your business partner suddenly wants to meet, you can use the meeting room facilities offered by the Virtual Office provider.


Meanwhile, located in a very strategic location to start your business, 88Office offers all the needs your business needs. With complete facilities, and located in Kuningan business district, South Jakarta, 88Office is the right choice if you want to start a business using Virtual Office. Not only Virtual Office, 88Office also has a choice of Serviced Office or office space that you can occupy every day. Both Virtual Office and Serviced Office, 88Office has a variety of packages that you can choose according to your business needs.






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