Virtual Office Becomes the Solution for Highest Office Rental Fees in Jakarta

Virtual office is a work space located on the internet, where a person or group can do their work in the business world without having to have a "physical" location for their business.

As we know, Jakarta has now become an urban city with a very high density. The high number of motorized vehicles, the large number of malls and office buildings and the crowded community activities make many people lazy to break through traffic jams to just go to the office. At least 1 hour must be spent by people who have a house near the office. What about people whose homes are far from the office? Of course it takes 2 to 3 hours to get to or get home from the office. Not late in arriving at the office can even be said as achievement. But now all these things seem to be minimized by the presence of several virtual offices in Jakarta.

Technological developments make business movements faster than before. And a virtual office is one of the efforts to realize efficiency in running a business. In addition to reducing costs for office rent, there are many other advantages of a virtual office.

Virtual office is also a form of office automation so that it will increase the work productivity of employees. Many people mistakenly assume that reducing the physical office means reducing employees. In fact, this is a form of efficiency because many cost reductions are made, for example:

1. Cut the expensive cost of  physical office rent
2. Reducing office electricity costs which are usually very large
3. Reduce costs for procurement of goods in the office (chairs, tables, cabinets, computers, etc.)
4. Employees are no longer late for office because they can work from home

The virtual office is a solution to overcome the high cost of rent. No need to worry because the virtual office is legal and provides addresses and telephone numbers for the purposes of correspondence and call centers.






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