The Growth of Digital Business Increases Demand for Office Rent in Jakarta

Before discussing about increasing demand for office rent in Jakarta, it is undeniable in this digital era, almost everything in our lives we can do practically with the technology, from ordering food, shopping needs, until traveling out of town, all we can do it very practically with digital technology.

This is also what increasingly encourages business people to continue to innovate and compete for control of a market that is still wide open for anyone. Moreover, the London-based media company The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released the results of a global research project entitled Connecting Commerce. The research assesses the level of business executive confidence in the condition of a city in order to support the company's digital transformation. The EIU report placed Jakarta in eighth out of 45 cities in the world that were assessed. Of the top ten cities, seven of them are cities in developing countries namely Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Beijing, Manila and Shanghai, including Jakarta.

Meanwhile, with the increasing number of business people in the digital fields such as online marketplaces, travel bookings, financial technology, and even online gaming based in Jakarta, this has a positive impact on the property sector, especially the demand for office space. Head of Research John Lang Lasalle (JLL) Indonesia James Taylor said, in the third quarter of 2017, more than 50% of the absorbed office space came from digital technology companies. Technology companies also often update their offices from grade B and C buildings to grade A. And these data are expected to increase in 2018.

And as one of the office space providers in Jakarta, 88Office also continues to innovate to meet the client's needs for the creation of a comfortable workspace and can support all business needs in order to achieve the target client and increase work productivity. Located in the business center of Jakarta, Kuningan, 88Office not only has a comfortable work space that you can occupy, but also Virtual Office services that you can use if you only need a professional office address and receptionist service to support your business.






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