4 Facts About Virtual Office Jakarta

Virtual Office can find easily in several major cities of the world, including Jakarta. In this modern era, it is not surprising that many entrepreneurs use Virtual Office services as partners in supporting their business.

But we need to know there are also some interesting facts about Virtual Office, which are:

  1. The average employee of a company that uses Virtual Office services is about 40 years old and above. The amount reached more than 50%. This figure is also higher than the average age of 45 years or older in the work environment in general, at 41%. Companies that use virtual office does allow employees to work with a longer life span. Moreover, they have no obligation to go to the office. At the same time, the employee has time to play with children or grandchildren.
  2. The number of companies that choose to use virtual office continues to increase. Especially the use of virtual office in South Jakarta and other major cities in the world. The company thinks, putting a working policy in a remote is more effective than having to cope with traffic every day. In big cities, transportation problems are always a major problem. Jakarta also became the city with the highest congestion rate in Indonesia. According to data from Inrix in 2017, Jakarta occupies the position of 22 for the category of city termacet world. Other data from Uber revealed that Jakarta residents spent an average of 68 minutes per day on the streets. That does not include the time spent searching for parking, which averages 21 minutes.
  3. Remote workers tend to have a high level of education. According to a study obtained by Global Workforce Analytics, 53% of remote employees have at least a bachelor's degree. Meanwhile, non-remote workers had a lower percentage at 37%. Therefore, employees of companies using virtual office services in Jakarta or other big cities have the ability to learn faster. The company only needs to provide appropriate support and training tools. Furthermore, employees can take advantage of the tools and abilities of the training to improve productivity.
  4. Remote employees have higher productivity levels than when working in the office. Meanwhile, not infrequently the productivity of employees in the office disrupted when they are near their boss or colleagues. Based on the FlexJobs survey in 2016, only 7% of employees can work effectively in the office.

From some of the above facts, we can know more about virtual office in Jakarta as well as in other big cities. 88Office one of them, located in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia, 88office offers a Virtual Office package that is very useful for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in Jakarta. Want more info, please contact us immediately.





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