How Important Certificate of Company Domicile For Your Business

For those of you businessmen, of course you are familiar with the business domicile certificate or commonly abbreviated SKDP. But did you know that this letter is one of the most important files for you to run your business, especially in Indonesia? Certificate of Company Domicile (SKDP) is a legal proof of the existence of a business or company, where this letter issued by the government where a business / company domiciled, which is usually by the District.


Then how to get the SKDP itself? Here are some documents you need to get SKDP:

  1. Identity Card (KTP) of the business owner (original and copy)
  2. Family Card (KK) of the owner (original and copy)
  3. Land title
  4. Business lease evidence (if renting a place)
  5. Letters of willingness of the community around the establishment of the business
  6. Power of Attorney (if you are authorized by the business owner)
  7. Letter of introduction from RT or RW

After you complete the document above, here is how to get SKDP in general:

  1. Requested a letter of introduction to the RT. The contents of this letter of intent states that your place of business is really located within the neighborhood of the RT. This letter is usually signed by the local RT and RW head.
  2. Submit a letter of introduction from the RT along with all necessary documents to the district officer.
  3. Next, ask the SKDP application form to the district official and fill it correctly (honestly) and completely.
  4. Submit the form to the district and SKDP officers, your business will be made soon. It is usually one day to one week duration.
  5. If SKDP should be forwarded to the subDistrict level, then you can take the SKDP in subDistrict to be signed and stamped by subDistrict head.

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