Virtual Office History

In this modern era, professionals are required to work effectively without wasting any time in order to achieve common targets. One way to make that happen is to cut the time we spend from home to office, on the basis of this concept, virtual office created.

The virtual office idea comes from technological innovations that are getting more advanced and increasing every time. Virtual office for the first time was commercially applied in 1994 by Ralph Gregory by establishing Virtual Office.Inc in Boulder, Colorado. The company is expanded throughout North America and is known as Intelligence Office. (source: wikipedia)

Along with the development, many companies provide virtual office services, making it easier for entrepreneurs to expand their business without have to think about office infrastructure. Virtual office as a "work space" that is not concerned with the physical appearance of the office, because it is virtual. So that someone can complete a professional business anywhere and anytime, without having to come to the physically office. Because virtual office is a form of office service in a virtual format that works online. The operational and functional arrangements of virtual office allow business owners and employees to work from any location using computer technology such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones and internet access.

With the creation of Virtual Office in the middle of us, of course will greatly assist us in doing work activities and increasingly our efficient in working without having to waste time on the way to the office.




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