How to Choose a Good Virtual Office

Virtual Office concept in big cities began much in demand by the company, especially for those new companies pioneered the business. The number of Virtual Office service providers also be an option for you to be able to choose the best Virtual Office that can further support the performance of your business.

And for those of you who want to use Virtual office services, here are tips on how to choose a good virtual office.

1. Location

The main thing you should look at is to find the location of virtual office, this is very important because it will increase the credibility of your company. Choose a virtual office located in the commercial area. Do not forget also to do not choose the virtual office address if the building is old and not clean, because if your client come to your office, it will make your company image not good.

2. Facilities

Do not forget to look at the facilities offered by virtual office service providers, choose a virtual office that prepares all the complete facilities such as phone message notification, call center, internet access, receive mail and scan letters, a dedicated professional receptionist service to answer phone calls by name your company.

3. Clear Terms & Conditions

Before deciding to rent, you should carefully study the terms and conditions of the virtual office provider. Examples such as the correspondence process between service providers with consumers, learn also the package offered because not later in the day you will be charged extra.

4. Price

Do not forget to compare the rental rates offered by virtual office service providers. Currently, for the market price of hiring a virtual office in Jakarta ranges from Rp142.000 - Rp1,12 million every month, depending on the facilities you want and your needs.



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