SMEs and Startups in Indonesia Are Increasingly Appealing to the Use of Virtual Office

The recent development of Virtual Office services in Indonesia is of course also in line with the increasing number of business people in Indonesia, especially small and medium businesses (SMEs) and startup companies. The Virtual Office System is a sharing economy phenomenon that is becoming a global business trend today. All the conveniences offered by Virtual Office, as well as relatively light prices are the favorites of small and medium business owners and startup companies in using virtual office services.

Because it is not surprising that the development of startup companies in Indonesia is very rapid. New local startups continue to emerge every year with the founder and his innovative team. Quoted from, in 2015 there were at least more than 1,500 local startups in Indonesia. This number is confirmed to continue to increase in the following year in line with the growth of internet users, government regulation support, and investors who are increasingly looking at the markets of Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.

While the high population of productive age in Indonesia is not directly proportional to the availability of employment, it encourages Indonesians to compete to create breakthroughs to improve competitiveness in order to advance their respective economies. It is not surprising that more and more businesses in the industrial sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are emerging. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in 2014, the number of SMEs in Indonesia was 57.89 million units, or 99.99% of the total number of national businesses, contributing to PBD 58.92% and contributing to employment 97, 30%. Indonesia is the country that has the most SME industry players.

The large number of startup companies and SMEs in Indonesia has become a potential market for Virtual Office service providers. No wonder the number of virtual office service companies in Indonesia is also growing rapidly by providing various offers that are needed by startup companies and SMEs. 88Office, one of them, located in the strategic area of Kuningan Golden Triangle, South Jakarta, 88Office provides everything needed by clients, from prestigious addresses to professional receptionist services that are ready to support you in developing your business.






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