License to Use Virtual Office for Company

We may already be familiar with the term Virtual Office, which has been increasingly prevalent in big cities, such as Jakarta. The service that allows a company to have a prestigious address without having to pay dearly is indeed very attractive to entrepreneurs, in addition to prestigious address services, Virtual office also provides various other facilities that can support a company to have a more professional image such as mail handling, professional receptionist, up to meeting room that can use anytime with company's prospective clients.

But behind all this convenience, do we already know whether or not a company is allowed to use virtual office services? And to answer this question, we have prepared the answer, in 2016, DKI Jakarta's One Stop Integrated Service Agency (BPTSP) officially abolished the regulations prohibiting the use of virtual offices by issuing Circular Letter No. 06 / SE / 2016. In the letter, it is explained that business entities and companies can use a virtual office or joint office to arrange for SIUP, TDP, TDIP, and others as long as they meet the requirements.


This circular also become a good news for digital companies that utilize virtual offices to get legality. In addition, BPTSP DKI Jakarta's steps were welcomed by the Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Joint Office of Employers' Services (BAKBB) Bimo Prasetio. Bimo fully supports the government's steps to create a good economic climate so that SMEs and startups can rise in class.

With the ease of taking care of the legality of a business entity or company, it is expected that more people will become more successful in pioneering startups because they are no longer hampered by legality permit problems. Because according to him, so far many start-up entrepreneurs have been hampered by permission and legality problems.

It has been 2 years since the issuance of the circular letter, 88Office as one of the best virtual office service providers in Jakarta has also been clean up to meet the needs of all the clients, both startup companies and companies that have just been established. Now 88Office has become one of the Virtual Office service providers who can submit a PKP (Taxable Entrepreneur). In addition to making it easier for newly established companies, this will also make entrepreneurs more focus on their business and do not need to worry about licensing, taxes, and so on.






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