How to Choose Virtual Office Jakarta

Lot of companies offering virtual office Jakarta, make a businessman confused in choosing virtual office that they need. Here is some tips in choosing a virtual office Jakarta.

  • Virtual Office Jakarta Address
    Make sure the virtual office Jakarta address is located in the strategic business area so it can help you to increase the credibility of your company. Doing survey to location first, to see the building or the room that will you use as company address. Is it can give your company a professional impression or not. Don't use residence address that be forced to be an office building or the office building are already no longer worthy to be used as office space, because when your customer give a visit, it will degrade your company's image in their eyes.
  • Facilities
    You must know the facilities that provided by the virtual office Jakarta, does it have a meeting room for use, so you can use the meeting room to receive your customers or meeting with your clients. You also need to see the receptionist, whether friendly and professional when receiving guests and phones. And you must know whether it have a phone notification via mail, phone call transfer, call center, internet access, and delivery of packages to address tenants.
  • Certificate of domicile
    Make sure the virtual office Jakarta has a domicile certificate for register your company.
  • Price
    Make sure that your budget in accordance with the virtual office Jakarta rental price. But you still need to compare the prices with the place and the facilities that offered. Don't ever use the cheap virtual office that can demage your company's image.

If you are still looking for a virtual office in Jakarta, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and helpful executives would be delighted to serve you.