Benefits of Meeting Room Rentals in 88Office

Meeting Room rentals are currently needed by companies, organizations, or individuals who want to hold meetings or meetings but do not have an adequate place. 88Office provides Meeting Room rental services that can make it easier for Virtual Office and Serviced Office tenants who have collaborated with 88Office. The following are the benefits of renting a Meeting Room in 88Office, namely:

1. Location

The most important thing in choosing Meeting Room is location. Make sure you rent a Meeting Room that is easily accessible and easily known to the meeting participants. Moreover, if there are many participants who come from outside the city so that the place must be easily found. In addition, a good Meeting Room should also be accessible with various transportation facilities including public transportation facilities. 88Office itself is located in an area with many access to transportation such as Trans Jakarta, Commuter Line, and major highways.

2. Adjust Prices

The rented meeting rooms are currently offered at different prices. There are many things that affect Meeting Room rental rates including the area and facilities to be obtained. The more complete the facilities provided, usually the rental price of the space will also be more expensive. In addition, exclusive meeting venues are usually more expensive than regular meeting rooms. But now most Meeting Rooms offer their services in packages. The package can be calculated based on the facilities to be provided, the number of meeting participants, and the consumption that will be given.

3. Facilities

Each Meeting Room rental service offers different facilities. The facilities provided by 88Office are projectors, air conditioners, tables and chairs according to the number of participants. But there are also some extra facilities such as WiFi access and several other facilities.







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